About us !

Why Aeronav ?

Aeronav Aviation has always focused on the growth of their students, with knowledge and quality. The company focuses on making sure that each student becomes a successful aviator.

The challenge has been making the gambit of learning aviation subjects an interesting and innovative journey. We strive to create an academic environment in which aspiring pilots are continually challenged and inspired to do their best work and come out as sound aviators, loaded with knowledge and the right attitude.

Even before the first lesson, it is important to indoctrinate students into the seriousness of their studies as a thorough professional. Aeronav is a renowned ground school that provides you with the training and launch pad to take off to your pilot career. Experienced pilots who specialize in their subject matter are there to prepare you to pass the PPL/CPL exams in the shortest time possible.

We also provide the following National & International medical transfer services from India like Air ambulance transportation, Medical escorts & International commercial stretchers. No matter what medical air transport service you may bear, Team universal medical transfer services are then to help you 24/7.

Our Vision !

To Uphold and advance the highest standards of aviation training to broaden and expand the professional horizons of aviators in compliance with Civil Aviation Authority of India (CAAI) set standards and also is to observe Air Ambulance administration arriving at everybody and acquiring a devoted armada of Air Ambulances. We continue to overcome any issues between a patient needing quick clinical consideration and the treating clinic by giving Air Ambulances which include first-rate clinical/aeronautics group and clinical gear. At Aeronav, we save time to save lives!

Our Mission !

  • To provide safe and effective aviation training for students enrolled in our programs;
  • To provide the highest level of safety in all aspects of pilot training;
  • To inculcate a sense of responsibility and dedication among the students by providing an intensive yet friendly learning environment
  • To make the students have good and strong formal credentials.
  • To provide medical air transport service, our Team universal medical transfer services are here to assist you 24/7.

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