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We at Aeronav Aviation provide assistance from the very beginning to kickstart your aviation career. We can guide you on every step required to reach the end goal of being a Commercial Pilot. 

How would you turn into a Commercial Pilot in India?

Assurance of Medical Fitness -Class 2 and Class 1 clinical endorsements to be supported by a DGCA guaranteed Doctor.
DGCA test arrangement- We at Aeronav Aviation give first rate ground classes to around 90 days making all progress subjects. All our ground mentors are all around prepared avionics experts.
RTR test- We likewise give help to clear your RTR test (Radio Telephony Restricted) acquired from the Department of Telecommunication.
Flight Training-After finish of all the previously mentioned prerequisites, we give 225 hours of flight time in relationship with various flight schools found Domestically.

What is ELP Level?

To become licensed pilot or remain licensed you need to prove your proficiency in the English Language at a level 4 or higher. The scale for this rating looks includes various levels:

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension, and
  • Interactions

ELP license is a must for Pilots flying in airline or appearing for any airline exam. If you want to become a Pilot and make a career in this domain then you need to improve your English language skills as a pilot you need to be able to understand, comprehend and communicate in English. Aeronav Offer DGCA (India) Commercial Pilot License Guidance which will prepare you for entry into all Airlines in India.

Aeronav will help you to get your ELP license, we will provide all guidelines and information so that you can get your license without any hassle.

2. Aeronav Air Ambulance

We can give a private medical flight that includes ongoing medical treatment and full bedside-to-bedside backing If the case is critically ill to travel commercially.

Time is quintessential in nature with regards to a health-related crisis or earnestness. We at Aeronav flight give top-grade Air Ambulance administrations which are progressed by our cultivated and proficient flying/clinical experts. We endeavour to give absolute attention to detail and ideal usefulness in each part of health-related issues. Admittance to outstanding consideration during a basic period of one’s life is what we endeavour to start and carry out.

3. Medical escorts

Medical escort administration is a non-crisis Medical benefit given by an independently employed consultant, clinical escort organization or air ambulances. It is for patients who are being localized or need Medical help while voyaging. Contingent upon the length and the complete distance of the excursion, patients are joined by a couple of prepared and enlisted medical caretakers and basic consideration paramedics.

This non-emergency medical service provides a critical care nurse who handles critical situations will accompany the patient in first / business class on a commercial flight and provide any essential clinical gear and care, for example, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and prescription organization.

4. International commercial stretchers

Commercial Medical Stretcher Service is most required when a patient becomes unfortunate in a far off country, or an outsider should be localized. Subsequently, it is just accessible on global flights through a couple of Chosen Commercial carrier organizations. This choice is terribly efficient contrasted with Private Air Ambulance. The patients and their families could save many thousands of dollars utilizing this kind of administration. Aside from this, the staff facilitates and deals with all parts of the flight, tagging, getting visas if vital, sorting out for all ground transportation, clearing the vehicle with government offices.

For the patients who need expert medical care in a more cost-effective manner with stretcher equipment on an international flight, Air Ambulance Worldwide can arrange for all necessary accommodations, furthermore an attendant or specialist will go with the patient all through the span of the excursion

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